Thursday, August 23, 2007

Religion, lies, and power

So, after having watched several nights of "God's Warriors" (I know, weird right? Why would someone like me care?) I have made up my mind.
Pretty much everyone is just power hungry and obsessed with being right. I like being right, I'll admit it, it feels good to be right. But, to involve your religion and beliefs, come on now, we aren't four. It's like arguing weather or not you think the pink ranger is cooler than the green ranger. It's so arbitrary and stupid and never accomplishes anything. Plus, no one can get their religion right, it's very sad. Because if you're supposed to be all religious, shouldn't you, well, you know, actually know what your scriptures say? Because I'm pretty sure that God didn't tell the Christians that he thought that the business and war minded republicans were the proper leaders to follow. And I'm pretty sure that Muhammad didn't condone killing (innocent) people for what they believe in. Oh, and Moses, yeah I'm pretty sure he didn't really like the idea of making people your slaves or debasing others...
So if you're going to propel your religion into politics and other people's lives, be sure you know what you're talking about first, and that you've got all your facts straight, because right now, to me, everyone just looks like a bunch of hypocrites who are just power hungry and will do anything to get it.
I know we're only human, but seriously you guys, get a grip on yourselves.

Nobody is

Sorry guys, but seriously, get over yourselves. And please, while you're at it, stop lobbying/fighting/blowing each other up so you can try an run my life. NEWS FLASSHHHHH! I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINKKKK! And frankly, if it doesn't DIRECTLY effect you, why do you care?! If you're not out getting an abortion, having an affair, believing in evolution, not praying however many times a day you're supposed to, whatever it may be, then why are you trying to control the laws for it? I mean, in my opinion, people are out trying to stop these things that avidly, must be at least a little guilty of the crimes they're lobbying so ardently against. I'm going to live my life and I don't want my religion fucking making all the rules, because what if YOU don't like MY ideas? Well, if those are the rules well then that's too bad and you're going to freak out and get mad and violent and ridiculous. But if it's your rules, then it's okay, right? Oh, wait...I don't agree. I think I'll go turn into a giant douche bag just like everyone else who didn't agree with my rules. I'm going to believe in what I want to believe in and I don't want your beliefs making that impossible for me. KTHNX.

Stop caring about my soul, it doesn't effect you, and you're not going to convert me, and so you're just not going to get saved.
I'm pretty sure that my soul is safe, according to what I believe in, and I don't really care what you believe in.

So in conclusion, believe in what you want to believe in, it's your decision. It's your life, live it the way you want it to be lived, but don't try to control others, it just causes problems.