Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm allowed a rant every now and then

Okay so,
time to complain about one of my biggest pet-peeves.

Your stupid 1337 speak and "AIM speak". It drives me insane. How hard is it to put the "yo" before the "u"?!? All the letters are on the same row right near each other and can be typed with ONE HAND. It only takes me about .4 seconds longer to put that "yo" before the "u" and I look infinitely more intelligent and less lazy than every one else. HAHA!

So the "u" thing is just annoying because it just makes you look ridiculously lazy, but once you get into the super AIM speak, you start to just look idiotic.

Here are some examples:

Wat (wait, seriously? This makes me think the word is pronounced WAAT. Dumb.)
Rly (yeah kids, lets not bother with spaces or other letters that AREN'T CONSONANTS, cause I can totally pronounce that.)
Roflmao (Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off??? WHO WOULD GET THAT?!?!)
Nrml (How do you say this? Nerml?)

and then you get all your silly faces like >.> and ...I don't even remember the rest.
But, the point is, once you get to these things it basically proves that you're incapable of spelling or speaking like a normal human being. And since when did you need to communicate with arrows?!? They don't even look like real faces!! Besides, it's not like you're conveying any more emotion with those things anywayyyyy!!!

Seriously, do yourselves a favor and start talking like at least semi-intelligent people who are capable of using real words, or at least avoid using them every other sentence...