Thursday, December 13, 2007


Hey so just wondering whats up with this one..

I recently turned seventeen (17 for those of you who want the faster way to read it), and no, I don't have a problem putting that out there.
But I have been thinking about this especially ridiculous paradox.
Being 17 means being in between the legal system's considerations.
Basically, at 17 the law considers me mentally capable of making intelligent, correct, and morally upright decisions; I say this because according to judicial law I am, at 17, able to be tried as an adult in the court under the assumption that I am old enough and intelligent enough to know smart from stupid, and right from wrong.
HOWEVER, under the other laws of the state of Texas and the United States of America, I am considered developmentally, as well as mentally, incapable for making informed and intelligent decisions for myself, and that I am more capable of completely destroying my life.
Isn't it strange that they half of the time expect me to be completely mentally and morally sound, and the other half of the time I'm too stupid and irrational to decide anything for myself?
So basically, the government considers me an adult only when it is convenient for them to do so; meaning that I am considered an adult for all the bad things, and none of the good things.
I can get the death sentence for murder under a jury of my peers and the state, but I can't smoke and effectively slowly kill myself. I can be finger-printed, listed as a felon, and have my entire adult career and reputation botched at 17, but I can't have a credit card under my name, or control my own finances/buy a house.

So, all I'm saying is, if you want me to be an adult, then let me be one, and if you don't, then don't!
I am not okay with being considered both incapable of making adult decisions while being held responsible as an adult for the decisions I do make.